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About Dubshop PRO OFFROAD

Dubshop came about in 2005 with a flagship store located in Timog Avenue in Quezon City. The shop specialized in selling aftermarket wheels and tires brought about by the growing demand from the influx of new car models.  The well-appointed wheel/tire shop also became the perfect venue to showcase Dubshop’s wide range of wheels to the customers and dealers alike.

In 2015 Dubshop foresaw the emerging 4x4/Off-Road trend composed of pick-ups and SUV’s. Brought about by severe weather conditions and unfavorable road conditions it became a popular daily driver for most people. To gain the proper expertise in setting up 4x4 suspension systems, Dubshop partnered with Nat’s Performance from Davao. This partnership gave rise to the Dubshop Pro Off Road shop, which is a one-stop shop for aftermarket off road suspension systems and matching off road wheels/tires.


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